RFC validation service

RFC service

RFC service allows to validate a proof of fiscal situation.

Web service description

Validate RFC

This method performs the validation of an RFC and get some information about the company to validate.



Tag Type Required Description
rfcFile file yes Proof of RFC (Registro Federal de Contribuyentes) file type .jpg or .png.


Tag Type Required Description
apiKey string yes Customer key.
Answers document
Name Type Description
valid boolean "Success"
personType string Person type could be 1 - physical person, 2 - juridical person.
rfc string Registro Federal de Contribuyentes.
businessName string Legal name of the company.
name string Name.
lastName string Lastname.
secondLastName string Second lastname.
registerStatus string Status. Example: "ACTIVO".
emailContact string E-mail that was registered for contact.
startDate string Start date.
capitalRegime string Capital regime.
code string Error code.
message string Error message.

Response service

  "valid": boolean,
  "data": {
    "personType": "string",
    "rfc": "string",
    "businessName": "string",
    "name": "string",
    "lastName": "string",
    "secondLastName": "string",
    "registerStatus": "string",
    "emailContact": "string",
    "startDate": "string",
    "capitalRegime": "string"
  "warnings": [
      "code": "string",
      "message": "string"

Service messages

Code Message Description
RFCS001 Failed to get data. When does not was possible to get data.
RFCS002 The file format is not correct. Contents an incorrect document, when the service receives file type .png, .jpg or .pdf or when the document does not is a proof of fiscal situation RFC.
RFCS003 Incorrect information. The information received is invalid or false.
RFCS004 The $0$ field is required. The request was received with the required fields empty or with blank spaces.
RFCS005 OCR failed. When OCR scanning failed.
RFCS006 File size is larger than expected. The size of the document is larger than 5MB.
RFCS007 Inconsistent data found. The OCR scanning get incorrect information of the document.
RFCS008 The document cannot be read. Was not possible to make the OCR scanning.
RFCS009 Unable to validate document with source. The service has issues to validate the contract number in CFE database.
RFCS010 The apiKey is not valid. The apikey is incorrect.
RFCS011 Response time has exceeded. The server takes a long time to deliver a response and cannot be obtained.
RFCS012 Server response failed. There is an error getting the response from the server.
RFCS013 RFC or BussinessName does not match with source. The RFC does not correspond to the company being consulted.