CER service

CER validation allows to validate a digital signature certificate and get the structured data of the owner.

Web service description

Validate CER

This method performs the validation of a digital signature certificate.




Tag Type Required Description
rfc string yes Name of the RFC (Registro Federal de Contribuyentes) to validate.
certificate file yes Digital signature certificate file .cer.


Tag Type Description
apikey string yes


  "rfc": "string",
  "certificate": "file"


Name Type Description
valid boolean "Success"
expired boolean Effective date
coincidence boolean Result of the check in SAT
serialNumber string Certificate serial number
rfc string Name of Registro Federal de Contribuyentes
notBefore string Initial validity date
notAfter string Dateline
code: integer Error code
message string "Error message"


  "valid": boolean,
  "expired": boolean,
  "coincidence": boolean,
  "serialNumber": "string",
  "rfc": "string",
  "notBefore": "string",
  "notAfter": "string"


  "error": "Error code",
  "message": "Error message"

Service messages

Code Message Description
CER003 The apiKey is not valid Message that is displayed when the apikey is not correct.
CER005 The file format is wrong, it must be a .cer file Message displayed when wrong file extension.
CER007 The .cer file is required Message displayed when the .cer file is not found in the request.
CER011 The RFC is required Message displayed when the RFC is not found in the request.