Consumption History

This endpoint performs the consult of the web services consumption history by service and apikey to identify the company.




Tag Type Required Description
serviceName string no Service name.
httpStatus string no http status. Example: 200
beginDate string no Start date of consumption.
endDate string no End date of consumption.
limit string no Limit: Example 20 by default. It indicates the number of results to get.
offset string no Offset


"_id": "string",
"serviceName": "string",
"userAgent": "string",
"ip": "string",
"companyId": "string",
"uri": " string ",
"queryParams": "string",
"responseHttpStatus": "string",
"proccessingTime": 0,
"customerCode": "string",
"warning": "string",
"createdAt": "string",
"updatedAt": "string"