Postal code by rfc validation service

Postal code by RFC service

Postal code service allows to validate a proof of postal code data by rfc input.

Web Service description

Validate Postal code

This method performs the validation of Postal code proof by rfc and verify if exists



Tag Type Requires Description
RFC string yes Registro Federal de Contribuyentes
BussinesName string no Legal name of the company and physical person


Tag Type Required Description
apiKey string yes Customer Key

Answers Document

Name Type Description
Status boolean sucess status request
Type string service type or name
rfc string Registro federal de Contribuyentes
bussinesname string Legal name of the company
postalcode string Postal code linked to the RFC
code string Error code
message string descriptive message in case the postal code has an error
fullmessage string full descriptive message in case the postal code has an error
  "status": true,
  "type": "string",
  "data": {
    "rfc": "string",
    "bussinesName": "string",
    "postalCode": "string"
  "warnings": {
    "code": "string",
    "message": "string",
    "fullMessage": "string"

Service Messages

Code Message Description
PCR001 RFC field is required RFC Field is required to process request.
PCR002 Invalid RFC Format RFC Format is invalid. (Only allows 12 and 13 characters )
PCR003 Internal Server Error Internal Server Error.
PCR004 Postal Code Not found Postal code was not found in the official validation source.
PCR005 Data response isn´t available right now Data isn´t available right now, try again later.
PCR006 Data response not found The server is under maintenance or has a failure at the moment found.
PCR007 Zip code has errors. check rfc and company name fields if it is correct. The postal code has errors, check the RFC and company name if it is correct.