Tu Identidad Service Platform

Tu Identidad is a platform that was born under the premise of making the processes of identifying people more efficient and evolutionary where we not only generate files digitally but also add value by validating each of the necessary documents or data technologically and against external sources. Through web services and mobile applications for entering the information to validate, each service reply with structured data that allows management and provides for the authorization and monitoring flows of the procedures that are defined. With high security standards, it manages permits and offers real-time reports for decision making.


The platform it is structured up of different services that are available to companies that need to validate individuals or business, these services are designed to receive information, process it, and deliver a response quickly. We guarantee the quality of each of these, likewise, the availability and scalability of our services and infrastructure.

Production endpoint: web-prod01.tuidentidad.com


The process of Tu Identidad is to assign an apikey to each company, unique and non-transferable. With this, they will have access to all the contracted services. These credentials are the unique identifier for each company, each transaction is registered to provide consumption reports.