Trusted timestamping service

It is the solution for the preservation of digitized files according to NOM-151-SCFI-2016.

Rest Web service description

This service generate a time stamp constancy file from the content of the given file.




Tag Type Required Description
file File yes File to be preserve.


Tag Type Required Description
apikey string yes Customer key.



  "file": "file"



Name Type Description
constancy string Constancy in base64 format.

JSON response

  "constancy": "string"


Name Type Description
code string Error code.
message string Error message.
  "code": "string",
  "message": "string"

Service messages

Code Message Description
TTS001 Access Denied. ApiKey not present. Message displayed when a request is received without an ApiKey.
TTS002 Access Denied. Invalid ApiKey. Message displayed when a request is received with an unauthorized ApiKey.
TTS003 Incorrect information. Does not exist the file. Message that is displayed when the file is not sent.
TTS004 The file size is not within the approximate range of 50 MB allowed Message displayed when the file is larger than the allowed.
TTS005 Something was wrong, We are working on the failure. Message displayed when there is an error on the server.
TTS006 Service temporarily unavailable Message displayed when the preservation record file cannot be generated.
TTS007 Compressed file formats .rar, .zip or .tar are not allowed. Message displayed when the file format is .rar, .zip or .tar.